About Realm
What is Realm?

Realm is a live-action Role Playing Game for Android devices that takes place in a world called the Realm. In most games you play a character, in this game you are the character. The action takes place through means of geographic locations in the real world. Using only your Android device (smartphone, tablet, ...) you become part of this ever expanding story. Venture into the wild and fight monsters, challenge other players, complete quests and discover treasure while you equip your character with stronger gear, learn new spells and enhance your weapon-skills.

How much does it cost?

The game client itself comes completely free. You can download it and play for free, up to level 5. After that, a small fee of €1.99 will lift this restriction and allow you to become stronger, fight more challenging monsters, unlock new quests, use more devastating magic and wield stronger weapons.

Where can I play the game and what do I need?

Wherever on this planet. The game adjusts your environment based on your current location. This means that, for example, monsters will be dwelling near the places you visit. You can play the game in your trusty neighborhood, but also on more distant locations.

To play the game you need an Android device (Android 2.2 or later) with built-in GPS and a data connection.

Fair enough... Now, how do I play the game?
IMPORTANT NOTE: Be aware that this is a location-based game. To move your in-game character you will have to physically move in the real world.

First, download the game using the button above, install it on your device and launch it. Then, the game client will attempt to connect to the server and do a version check. When this process has been successful, you can click the Register button to create a new account. Pick a gender, a class, fill in your character name, a password and you 're done. As soon as the registration is successful, you can use your character's name and password to log in.

Next, take a look at the How To Play section of this website.